Empowering Teachers

3W Empowers Teachers with 21st century teaching tools and professional development.

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Engaging Students

3W helps provide a digital learning environment that fully engages students with tools they use daily

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Moving Forward

The digital learning revolution is here. 3W is dedicated to empowering educators to play leading roles in this exciting 21st Century new way of learning.

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Teachers Training Teachers

3W’s consultants have hands-on experience in all areas of the digital learning world.

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3W helps teachers put the pieces together to enter the 21st century digital learning environment

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Customizing Consultations

From a one-day overview to multi-day consultations and seminars, 3W’s consultants can customize an on-site program to suit your specific needs.

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Teacher Training

With years of hands-on experience in a wide variety of digital learning environments, 3W’s skilled consultants can help educators integrate the latest digital learning tools and resources into their schools. From a one-day overview to a multi-day consultation to seminars, our consultants can customize an on-site program to help you implement and improve your digital learning environment.


Welcome to the future. 3W’s iClassroom is a customizable, fully integrated high-tech Digital Learning system. Its four components--wireless mobile devices, web-based digital content, our exclusive Wireless LRServer Solution and a content management interface—provide teachers and students with everything they need to master Digital Learning.

Lr Portal

Accessing, choosing, vetting and organizing the vast digital instructional resources available on the web can be a never-ending task. 3W’s LrServer™ Content Management System (CMS) is designed to streamline that process via an “easy to use” Dashboard GUI that are available only through 3W and our partners.

3W Services

3W offers educators who are new to OER, orientation and teacher training workshops that provide essential information and teaching strategies to successfully integrate OER into classroom instruction. The one-day workshop empowers teachers to create cost-effective engaging lessons using OER tools and resources.

If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's students... we rob them of their future!

20th century American Educator John Dewey